Savvy is as Savvy does


Savvy design is creative, innovative, effective, long lasting and risky.  It's not for the meek.

If you are afraid of taking a chance stick with the over the counter brands and live with the consequences.  However, if you really want to address your needs and create long lasting value n your home you may find it worth the effort to find a Savvy window covering professional.


Points of Interest:

  1. Arches & Specialty Shapes/cutouts

  2. Bathrooms

  3. Multi Color

  4. Doors - including interior doorways

  5. Sliders

  6. Extended Windows

  7. Frame Stiles

  8. Compound Doors

  9. Connected Tilt

  10. Skylight Shutters

  11. Cell Shade vs Shutters

  12. Bad Ideas

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