The Paramont Tilt System

Exclusive to Paramont Shutters


  1. Steel screw firmly attaches to louver replacing staples in common shutters

  2. Steel rod connects louvers (may be covered by wood tilt bar)

  3. Stamped metal linkage

  4. Set screw connects louvers to tilt bar



  1. Solid construction for relable, long lasting operation

  2. Repairable for future maintenance

  3. Comfortable grip

  4. Eliminates tilt bar rotation

  5. No rip out on louver around connectors (no staples)

  6. Eliminates "louver lock" on rear tilt

  7. No staples or plastic connections

  8. Tolerance improves closure over rigid systems

  9. Custom tilt bar options (may be stained separate from shutter)

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