Paramont Tilt®
Staple Free Technology
Exclusively available on Paramont Shutters


Staples are the biggest problem with wood shutter durability over time.  They pull out, rattle, complicate repairs and are fundamentally archaic.  However, they are inexpensive and common on generic shutters.  


The Paramont Tilt Link® provides benefits including:

   Precise divider rail location

   Consistent top and bottom rail size

   Duability - no staple to pull out

   Stronger Tilt Bar

   Easy repairs



   Precision louver spacing

   Eliminates louver breakout @staple hole

   Smooth "hands off louver" operation



Available in:

    Wood Clad Front Tilt,

    Wood Clad Side Tilt or

    Rear Tilt


Note: Traditional Hidden Tilt is also availble in Paramont shutters for no additional cost.


The Paramont Tilt Link® is exclusively available on Paramont Shutters.  


Note: The Paramont Tilt Link® is a registered copyright of Blind Supply LLC.  All rights reserved.



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