Frame it if you can!


Frames are like icing on the cake.  They finish a sheetrock window opening.  More importantly they adapt the shutter to the opening and they allow the shutter panel to be squared.  They are the finishing element.  Alternatively you can direct hinge or use a "Hang Strip" but you are always better off with a frame when you can.

Below are some popular frames. Many other frames are available.   Not shown include Beaded L, Beaded Z, many adaptations of Knotched L Frames and Hang strips.  

We recommend you avoid hang strips, direct hinge and inside mount L frames where possible.

Custom Frames  Almost any molding can be made into a Z frame.  One caution is that a Z frame shouldn't extend behound the window sill.  .

Step Z Frame  Similar to Block Z and to the historic 3 step molding popular from the 1920's.  Note that it can step forward or backwards

Z 3/8 This is used to tie into existing molding.  Some versions include square faced or bump out.

Bump Z Frame Utilizes the molding for raised paneling.  It is standard tapered back to the wall but can be reversed

Alder Z Frame  Originally the frame for Alder stained shutters but now for all.  It's frequently used to accommodate small recess.

Gallery Z Frame This has been a popular Z frame over many years.

Classy Z Frame   This is today's most popular Z frame.  It is classy and it coordinates with most door frames.

Block Z Frame - works ith the popular craftsman style or "shaker" style

Deco Frame fits on the surface of the wall instead of inside the opening like Z frames.  This is most popular for tilt in windows.  L frames in square, beaded or bull-nosed are also good for tilt in windows.  Outside mount frames are also good for making the louvers larger on small windows (eg sidelights)

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