Louvers Size: 2.5", 3.5" & 4.5"
Big is Modern, Small is Yesterday


Today's trend is to big louvers.  3.5" is most popular (80%) and safe, 4.5" is often considered too large but is great where large scale in needed, view is important or a modern look is sought.  The wider the louver, the fewer louvers and the more space between louvers.  

2.5" is reserved mainly for old style designs. 1.375" and 1.75" louvers are still available but are expensive.



Tilt: Center = Traditional

Looks like a shutter should look.  Variable Louver Spacing Available

Hidden or Intrinsic = Contemporary

Provides better view and modern look.  Fixed louver spacing. 10% premium

Front Hinge Side:= Smart & Futuristic

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