Tradewind Shutters can be any color 


Its always better to choose a standard color for future matching.  Custom color matching can be expensive, time consuming and risky.  We take great care to custom match and can provide a strike off for your approval. However, that isn't necessary if a standard color is selected.  We use Sherwin Williams chemicals but we can match to any other brands colors.  The chemicals we use are not available at the local house paint store.

Casita Standard Colors:
  1. Extra White
  2. Pure White
  3. Dover White
Paramont and Universol Standard Colors:
Custom Color Policy:
  1. Custom paint or stain colors are available for Universol and Paramont Shutters for $150 net charge per color.
  2. Custom color fees are waved for orders over 150 square feet.
  3. Stains are available in any of about 200 standard colors with no custom color charge.  Custom charges would only apply if strikeoffs are required.
  4. Custom colors are not availble for Casita Shutters.

SW 6152 Nacre

Ask for a free set of Sherwin Williams Standard Colors

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